20120616 - Learning to Drive

20120616 - Up and all out to G's baseball game.  He did great and with his continued slide into home has earned the nickname 'Hollywood' from the coaches.  After the game we headed home to change and then on the road to the Farm.

Once we got to the Farme we checked in with Gma&paW to see what we could get done.  We got our list and headed out.  I mowed a couple strips around the bottom bottom field and then taught D how to drive a tractor, the AC 175.  We took out the fence and posts around the field and sprayed the weeds from the Pug.  As we finished up D got on the tractor, started it, and drove it up to the barnyard and parked it, all by himself!

We hung out a bit and then started the Versatile & 4wheeler. Dad moving around much better, still soar, but better everyday.  We headed home and stopped at Arby's for dinner.  Back on the road and I surprised everyone when I pulled into our friends the Varnie's Camp site in Delaware.  We hung out around the fire while the kids went off and had a blast.  It was a good time and we didn't get home until midnight.  A really good day!