20120627 - Locked OUT

20120627 - Up on the am and to the desk for a furious fast and busy day. L took the boys to the pool and I had a visitor... Bang bang bang. The crazy neighbor lady from next door had locked herself out of the house. She used the phone and drank all of L's wine before she got back into her house. I think she was just thirsty :-) The boys came home to my music playing loud and PCs shutting down. We had dinner and the L took J&G to Bible school while Tray, D&I went back and watched an awesome ball game. The Red are OUT, the Indians are still IN! Home and packed up the car. Checked in with GpaW, he had xrays and an EKG, ate at a greek place an browsed the bookstore. He's getting back on track. Little boys home. Ice cream all around, cleaned up and all to bed. We are ready to roll in the am!!!