20120609 - Lotsa Ball and Family

20120609 - Up and out to G's baseball game. GmaW down to watch.  GpaW has a friend sitting with him.  G did great and had a blast showing off.  Back home for a quick turn around and back to the school for D's baseball game.  D had a huge fan base at the game: Gmaw, Gma&paB, Cole's and all of us.  D played good, but the dreaded 1 inning where they fall apart happened and had 11 errors and 8 runs given away...  They lost...  Home and the visitors left.  D&I installed fan in crawl space, that was a hot job, but good electrical experience for D.  Back to the school for more baseball.  Home for dinner.  J&I to gas station and grocery to get ice cream supplies, nuts and choc sauce :-)  All boys to bed and had a good turn out for the MMG meeting.