20120622 + GRAND SLAM + 1 Boy

20120622 + Up in the morning to tackle an impossible list of things at work. Got most of them done. I know G graduated from Safety Town today and they all went shopping, but nothing else, was heads down... After work we headed back to the ball fields. GmaW came down for the game, and what a game it was! We had a home run and a GRAND SLAM!!! Game got really close in the end, D pulled the infield in for a conference an the boys held them, and won by 1 run.

We took then for ice cream afterwards. And picked up another son. Tray on of D's teammates family is moving to Charlotte, leaving tonight... Since we are headed that way on Thursday we offered to drop him off as we came through. So we have 4 boys for the next couple days. L out with some friends tonight.