20120701 - Hot Shops

20120701 - All up a bit later than usual :-) we had bfast and then headed to what we thought was a shaded 'Cobra put-put'. Well it wasn't very shady and it was 101! We played all 18 sweating holes and G was happy (for a couple minutes)

We then stopped at a huge flea market and looked around. It was too hot to even walk to the car so we headed home. D&I, not the smartest 2 of the family..., headed out back and grilled some burgers.

In the AC for lunch and relax for a few minutes. Then to the indoor pool for a couple hours of swimming. We had a good time swimming and dunking and doing handstands and other tricks. G was climbing me like a tree and jumping off my shoulders. Ouch!

Back to the room to rest for a few and then to a toy store, that was CLOSED! (we forgot today was Sunday). Back home for some dinner and ice cream while we watched Falling Skies.

Everyone to bed early in anticipation of our trip to Wilmington tomorrow.