20120607 + Last Day

20120607 + Up, down to Barn, fed a bale, G played with cat hanging from tree.  Then we headed to Louise's funeral and picked Paulette up on the way.  I was OK until asked to sing a hymn like Louise would.  Then the emotion of all the years of going to that church with her, hearing her sing there and in the car, and all the wonderful time we spent together hit me like a ton of bricks.  They started wheeling her casket out, no pallbearers and I couldn't let her be taken out by strangers, I rose and escorted my favorite Aunt out of the church and to the hearse.  As they closed the door, I lost it... other aunts and uncles there and the pain was immense...  Once we gathered ourselves we went back in for lunch.  I got to sit by Dick Peterson and we had a good conversation.  We stopped by Dick's on the way home to look at his train collection.  WOW!

Back to the farm.  I looked at Versatile's fan that was loose.  Lots of family to visit with GpaW.  We hung out at the Farmhouse and chatted with folks.  Headed home and got our boys.  They had a good last day of school.  J told us all about it and the perfect attendance award he got.  D did good on his final and brought home this book he wrote throughout the year.  Back at the ball fields with the boys just to watch the games. Home and boys to bed late and exhausted.