20120621 - 1st Dive

20120621 - Up in the am, G to Safety Town L got groceries.  Full day at the desk...  When my day was over the fam was waiting for me to go to the pool for hot dog night.  We got to the pool ate our dogs and had a really good time.  Lots of the boys friends were there and they played and played.  At one point I grabbed G and headed towards the diving board.  Instead of his usual screaming he agreed to try it.  I thought he was kidding and would take of running, but he got in line, stayed there and bravely walked to the end of the board, AND JUMPED!  Luckily L had grabbed her phone and caught the first jump on video.

Home and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream for G to celebrate his bravery and then all boys to bed. L&I up watching 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.