20120601 - Funsucker Fandango

20120601 - Up in the am for an intense productive catch up day. The day ended and J was gone: he went to a buddy of his to spend the night. L&G had been cleaning all day and getting prepared for the 'Funsucker Fandango'. About 6:15 the other couples and their kids showed up for the fandango. We had 8 bigs and 9 littles here. The kids played in the yard and we had a big potluck meal. We made homemade icecream for dessert and everyone played and talked for hours. It was a great time and all the kids got along. We roasted marshmallows at midnight and everyone had a blast chit-chatting. We had a nice fire, plenty of smoke and sparks, and only one kid got a hole burned through his shirt. The is a good fandango!