20120628 - Blast!

20120628 - Up early and vacation bug bombing procedures done, we hit the road. We got some McD's on the way out of town and headed south. We were out of OH by 10 and to our first stop in Wytheville VA at a Denny's for lunch. The boys did pretty good, Tray was a bit car sick and didn't eat. Gassed up we got to Tray's house about 4:30. We took a tour of their wonderful HUGE house, said goodbye to or temporary son and headed to the hotel to check in. So far this trip hasn't been as adventurous as our others because we didn't make any stops for geocaching or roadside oddities. Why? Because I had arranged a special treat for the boys. My buddy Jeff participates in the sport 'Cowboy Mounted Shooting' and had arranged a demo for the boys. We drove to Monroe NC, on some back roads and down a long lane to find em and man was it cool. Jeff, his wife Darlene, and some of the other riders from their stable explained the sport, showed us their horses and guns, and best of all shot some stuff! Check out this video on YouTube:
The boys really got into it and were running out between riders to put out fresh balloons. After the exhibition J&G got rides on Bob & Bo.

We watched the horses get a shower and helped put them out to pasture. Then the coolest thing ever: Mr. Jeff instructed the boys on the use of the pistol and let them each squeeze off some rounds!

What a BLAST!

As we were heading back to the car we were called over to a corral where a horse had just started to have a fowl. We stayed and watched the little fellow come out and try a couple of times to stand up. What an special added bonus and on Jeff's birthday! What a fun treat this was. Thanks Jeff and Darlene!!!!

Back on the road and to a local place for dinner, Jake's Good Eats, but it was closed :-( So we headed back towards the hotel and drove through Bojangle's for some sweet tea and fried chicken. We ate in the room and then hit the pool. The boys had fun getting wet and we picked up our traditional hot chocolate on the way back up to the room. Everyone to bed. What a fun day!!!