20120629 + Surfs Up, Tree Down

20120629 + Up on the am and we had bfast at the hotel. On the road with 100 degrees at 9am :-o We made it to Myrtle Beach and drove through downtown so the boys could look around and see what they wanted to do. Oh yeah, there was an ocean there too. We went to our resort and checked in early. Our place is really nice and we got settled in fighting over te beds. Then we ran to the grocery and got stocked up for the week. We got the fridge loaded, realized we hadn't had lunch so headed out for an early dinner. We went to Crazy Mike's Seafood Buffet about 4 and got right in. They had CRAB LEGS and LJ&I had piles of shells laying on the table. We were all stuffed!

As we left the restaurant was packed outside, good thing we went early. We stopped at a beach store and got bogie boards, back and changed into swim gear and off to the beach! We rode the waves, swam and build a giant volcano with a never ending river around it and played until the sun went down.

Back to the the temp home and got rinsed off. All boys to bed and then checking the days messages I found this pic from my neighbor of our back yard. Seems we got some wind back home :-o

I called State Farm to get a claim started. Not much else I can do from here... Checked in w/ Gma&paW, they had wind damage too and lost some panels off the barn roof. GpaW had another Dr. appointment that went well. He sounds better and is on the right path now. L&I stayed up and tried to plan some main events for the week. Stay tuned...