20120617 - Wet Game

20120617 -All Up nice and late :-)  We all got ready and then took a walk back to the Gahanna Jazz & Blues festival to check it out and get some lunch.  We had some good fair food and we all got to ride on a ride.  Back home and to J's last football game.  We got there and it was incredibly windy while the boys practiced.  As they started their game the rains came and the boys got soaked and they lost their first game of the season.  Even with this as their only loss they ended up #1 in their division!!!  Way to go guys!!!!  J was in a collision during the game and had another HUGE bump on his head.  Back home and J&I sat on the porch staring at the neighbors new fence that is blocking our view of the school...  :-(  We then had a nice dinner and watched 'Falling Skies' before bed.

Here is the Father's Day card the boys did for me :-)