20120603 - Good and Bad Day

20120603 - Up mom got us bfast from McD's.  D&I headed out to get some stuff done around the Farm.  GmaW in to the hospital to pick up GpaW.  D&I Rebuilt the fence around the feedlot and disconnected everything else.  We moved a couple molasses tubs and the mangled gates.  D worked on 4whereler, I mowed the strip by the driveway with the tractor.  GpaW home got home and is VERY weak.  We had lunch with them and got more instructions.  We tweaked feedlot fence once more and then unplugged the electric fence.  This is the first time in my life that there have intentionally been no electric fences blinking on the Farm...  We secured the fence on Bowen rd and met up with John3, Ede, Betty and Johnny.  Johnny claims to NOT be the individual that spilled the beans on the 'lost cow'...  Believe it or not... :-)  While we were chatting in the barnyard Mary called... Louise has died... :-(   Up to house and moved furnature so the paramedics can get in and out easy if they need to return again...  Mary, john, Lucia Martha came to the  Farmhouse to pick D&I up.  We drove home with Martha and had a nice talk.  D&I got Chinese for dinner.  I played catch with G and then helped J&G pulled motors out of Gator to make windmills with.  Up late, sad long weekend (3weeks really...)