20120623 - Last Game, First Farm

20120623 - Everyone up and out: L&Lilly to a wedding in Newcomerstown, DJ Trey &I to G's last ball game of the season. G seamed a bit distracted today, but still had fun. All the kids on his team got hot dogs after the game as a treat.

Home and fixed the seat in the white car. Then I loaded the boys up and we headed out: dropped off supplies for the Scout Bike Rodeo at the church, gas, Home Depot, Blockbuster, Apple Store (to see what could be done about D's drowned iPhone), AT&T store to get a new sim card, McD's and on up to the Farm.

We got the Farm, got our instructions and headed out to work. This was Trey's first time on a farm and he really liked it and helped out a bit. We unloaded round bales, fed three of them, got some fly spray on the cows, the boys walked the ponies, and I mowed the front yard. After that GmaW and I toon the boys up to the falls and a walk through the camp.

We the headed out for dinner with Gma&paW. GpaW is getting around much better and I was glad he went out to eat. We had a good meal. At Cracker Barrel, Trey ate like a grown man and we saw my 7th grade math teacher. We then headed home. Home, unloaded the car, pajamas on an we finished watching iRobot. All boys to bed, G back down with a belly ache, L home and told me all about the nice hot wedding.