20120527 + First Dance

20120527 + Up in the am and all to church. The marriage class is over so L went back to teach Sunday school and I headed back to the group I was with before. Home and we had lunch, I was planning to head back up to the Farm as during church the bulls we put in the pen yesterday had knocked some gates down and I wanted to get things secure again do the sorting and selling could continue without a hitch, but GpaW convinced me things could easily be straightened out on my next planned visit. D took care of the bird, J&I finished cutting up the branch. DG&I put tennis balls around L's garden so we wouldn't get impaled on the fence stakes, an then we all headed to the pool. We had a good cool time at the pool playing, throwing and dunking. J and his little friend Meredith got the season off to a good start by dancing off the diving board together :-)
When the pool closed we went home, changed and headed back out. We grabbed some McD's and ate on the way to the movies. We saw The Three Stooges and laughed out loud through the whole thing! Home with a stop at the grocery for some ice cream.