20120524 - Dare

20120524 - Up in the am and got a couple things done then headed into J's school. I knocked on his classroom door and I heard the teacher ask 'Who do you think our mystery reader is?', the class answered in unison 'Jack's dad!'. I guess the hint of 'I have giant steel horse in my backyard that kids LOVE to climb on' gave it away. I read my favorite book 'Green Eggs and Ham' from my iPad. I then stayed a bit longer and told the kids of my travels to China, Brazil and Mexico. IT WAS A BLAST!! Back home and to the desk. Finished of the day and had dinner with the fam. I cut a big limb down that hung over the grape arbor and then we headed to D's final band concert. I had an idea and went back to find D. I interrupted the teacher to give D his message . I told him I would give him $20 if he stood up and blasted out a note in the middle of the concert... I waited and waited... But a good boy (like his mom) he didn't do it. We went for ice cream afterwards and then home. All boys to bed, I stayed up and watched Ancient Aliens.