20120501 - Happiest Boy in the World!

20120501 - UP in the am and G home with me for the day. He hung out and watched TV, played his touch and had lots of snacks. I was stuck in the office and he did great taking care of himself. I worked a solid fast day and got a ton done, mostly on the phone all day. Everyone home for dinner and then out we go. L to Zumba, D to base ball practice and JG&I to G's baseball practice. G did AMAZING at practice. All the parents were like 'look at that kid, he has to be the coach's son'. NOPE he is mine :-) he hustles on ever move, very serious and very good actions and spot on throws. After practice we went to Home Depot to get air filters and then to Dick's to get G some grey baseball pants. We stopped at Sonic to get slushes and then to pick up D. D was in full catchers gear doing a great job. Home and all boys to bed. I fell like I have been hit by a truck so relaxed and watched a movie and to bed early.=