20120522 - J's First Mile

20120522 - Up and at the desk for a long fast full day. Then J&I headed up to the Farm. When we got to Bowen Rd I stopped the car, shut it of and got out an told J to come around. I pulled the seat forward, put the steering wheel down and a extra pair of jeans for him to sit on. I got the passenger seat, had him start the car and drive! He was so nervous and excited!!!! He drive all the way up to Gma&paW's house. I probably could have walked faster than he drove, but he did it! We went in and checked on GpaW, he was sitting up and later waking around :-) J&I got GmaW and headed out for some chores. J&GmaW took the pug and checked the fences, while I checked the buildings and animals that were close. They returned with a good report on the fences and then J&I headed to TSC to get some feed. We got home and had dinner with Gma&paW at the table, made some plans for shipping out some cows and starting repairs on GGmaW's house. I then helped dad build up his bed cushions while J&GmaW counted change, trying to get enough for a trip to Disney :-o we got GpaW situated and have a plan for the weekend and J&I headed home.