20120530 + Winger's Wild West Show

From WingerBLOG
20120530 + Up in the am and not feeling good about leaving GmaW and Dave on their own to load cows... I quickly made arrangements with work to make sure things still progressed. I got on the road and made some calls and sure enough GmaW called and her and Dave got some cows in and was standing in the overjet of the barn keeping cows in a pen. I was 15 min away and got there to provide relief and get things secured. We got another pen full and kept the cows secure until Stu got there to help and the hauler showed up. We got 10 of the twelve on the truck and made plans for one more trip in a couple hours. That is when the fun started... The remaining batch of cows were, let's say, a little less than tame... We got the gates and pens ready and started getting the animals in... And then they jumped. They jumped over gates, wire panels, anything that stood in there way. We had two that jumped out of the corral and took off towards pasture. Dave came back and helped get the final couple in and then stood guard so GmaW, Stu and I could grab some lunch with John & Mary, Paulette and Amu, and devise a plan to get the 2 from the pasture back in. The truck showed up, the plan for the wild two was underway. We had the wild pair on the run and they went right in the trailer! And then they turned around before we could lock them in and shot out like a couple horned cannonballs!
We regrouped, got Uncle John in position wavin his arms and tried again. This time it worked and the crazy black cow shook the trailer from the second she got locked in. Now to get the others in... Well we loosened some chains and they started flying out under, over and through anything in their path like bottle rockets on the 4th of July. One cow escaped and was up by the silo, another splintered a 2x6 gate like it was made of balsa wood, and the gates D and I got last weekend look like they were made of rubber.But in the end we got them loaded. It was sad to see them hauled off... We settled down, got everything secure and called it a day. I headed home and was able to catch the end of D's game.

They lost, and it is weighing heavy on D as he is the oldest boy on the team and playing his heart out every game. He is playing awesome ball! Home for an ice-cream treat, story time of crazy cows and all boys to bed.

I got cleaned up and checked in with both Gma&paW. GpaW had a rough day and wants to get up but they won't let him...

PS - Here are the 4 luckiest cows in the world. The bloodline continues...