20120511 - ...other plans...

20120511 - Up in the am, same old same old. Then GmaW called and in her usual calm voice '... Well your father had a heart attack last night and I am in the hospital with him. You don't need to come up, there is nothing you can do...'. Yeah right...
I made a dozen quick calls and got in the car and made a dozen more on the road. I got to the room and checked in and dad was getting some tests done and still in a medicated fog. Many people were in and out throughout the day and L brought the boys up and they were very good. What we learned from the Dr. was that dad had a 99% blockage in his left anterior descending artery that he ballooned this morning. This kind of blockage is often called the 'widow maker'. But luckily dad spoke up last night and at 1am got mom up to take him to the hospital. She was pulled over by the police on the way in and jumped out of the car, told the officer her husband was having chest pains and he said 'follow me!' and called the ER and escorted them right to the door. After the main Dr. stopped I headed to the farm with a list of instructions and met up with L and the boys. LJ&G headed home and D&I got the pug and 4wheeler and headed out to get the fence working, bales fed, check on the dog and get books for dad to read. We headed back to the hospital, stopped to get some food and then checked on dad. He had many visitors since we were last there and some cousins were there wen we arrived. We got him settled into his new room and then help mom get to her car and on her way home. We headed south and stuck n a traffic jam, got to walk around on 71 a bit.. Life happened today, despite our other plans... Make each day count.

Here are the events the best I have gathered for the last 24hrs:

5/10 Thursday
11pm - Dad had a pain in chest, thought it was heart burn, took aspirin and drank a pop 

5/11 Friday
12am - Pain in chest still there getting worse, more aspirin, laid down
 1am - Dad woke mom up said take me to hospital
     - Police escort to hospital ER
 5am - Confirmed it was a heart attack, stabilized and in room
 9am - Heart cathetrization, ballooned a 99% block in the left anterior descending artery
10am - Mom calls me
12pm - I get to hospital, many friends and family were in and out throughout the day
 2pm - Johny and I check on Louise, 1 floor up
 3pm - Lori and boys arrive
 5pm - Dr. that did the cathetrization stopped in, said he saw 1 blockage that was about 60%
       the 99% block is the one he worked on and could see others further down, they will 
       keep him there for several days before doing the heart surgery.
 6pm - Dylan and I check the fence feed a couple bales bales of hay
 7pm - Back to the hospital, dad in new room in cardio icu where he will be until the surgery
 8pm - Mom, D&I headed out.