20120518 - 'Perfect Day'

20120518 - Up and to the desk working straight through the day. Finally caught up from the travel and Dad's heart attack last week. After work I grabbed J and we headed up to the Farm. I talked to dad on the way up an got my instructions. He had another rough day, said they pulled hoses right out of his side :-o OUCH! J and I got to the Farm, got the tractor started and then got to work. We moved 2 racks, fed a big round bale, J drove me around the perimeter of the fences on the pug to find the cows an check the fence. We then checked on the horses and pet cows, made sure the water was running and checked out the gates in the barn to start thinking about loading up some animals. Mom got home and Michael and Diane stopped for a quick visit on their way to check on Louise. Then GmaW, J&I headed over to Paulette's to help her with her iPad, she is doing great. After we got Paulette loaded up with a bunch of new ebooks we headed to Subway to grab dinner. J wanted to eat back at the Farm so we headed back and GpaW called for an update and a request for lotto tickets. He reported a rough day and evening and more visitors: he is worn out... We stopped and got the lotto tickets and them on to the Farm to eat. We ate and got on the road. On the way home J said 'This was a perfect day. I had a sugar doughnut for breakfast, left over orange chicken in my thermos for lunch, Subway for dinner, and I got to go to the Farm!'. Sounds like a perfect day to me too :-)