20120515 - WARP Speed

20120515 - UP and to the desk all day working like CRAZY to get as much done as possible before tomorrow. I was head down until 6:30pm when I ran out to scarf down a plate of spaghetti. GmaB is here to watch the boys and L&I jumped in the car and headed up. Dad is good today, getting more nervous for tomorrow. We did not go into see him, he was very tired from too many visitors today. So we headed straight up to the farm and checked the fences. We could not see the cows so we jumped on the pug and head out to the pasture where L spotted a section of fence that was down. We found the cows, fixed the fence and then met mom back at the house. We had some dinner and then Dad called a couple of times for last minute items. I stayed up late trying to relax. Today went REALLY FAST.