20120512 - Hit Hit Party

20120512 - Up in the am and everyone out to G's first official Tballgame.  G had a blast and hit and fielded and slid headfirst into home and really had a blast!.

After the game we headed home and worked on getting ready for J's party.  I set up the challenge course and J&G tested it out over and over.

The next event was D's first baseball game of the spring and MAN WHAT A GAME!!!  D got two hug hits  HE STOLE HOME (I LOVE IT WHEN HE DOES THAT!!!) and did a fantastic job catching.  We played the toughest team in the league and the game was a real nail biter.  We thought we had it won, but the other team had another chance and pulled off a last second victory they certainly didn't deserve :-(

Back home putting the finishing touches on the place for J's party.  We had some family show up to help and it was a welcomed boost.  Mary, John, Martha and Lucia pitched in and we were ready in no time.  Pretty soon kids started showing up.  The 'Survivor' party was loaded with fun games, and the kids all had a great time.  They stayed way past the end time of the party and played until they couldn't see in the dark.

We cleaned up the party in time and went in for J to open his presents.  We were all exhausted and collapsed for the night.

The report for dad today was good today.  He had LOTS of visitors and is doing fine except for the anxiety of knowing his surgery is next Wednesday...