20120509 - Holy Sole!

20120509 - Up and saw everyone off to school, except G, he got to skip today because he went with L to see D read poetry at school.  Later L got to go into J's school and have lunch with him as one of his 'Star Student' activities this week.  I got on a plane and headed to St. Louis where I met up with Richard and Steve.  We got our work done and had a fantastic dinner, one of my top 10 steaks EVER, and then I convinced them to take me to the World's Largest Shoe made out of shoes :-)  We drove through some really nice areas and awed at the mansions.  Back to the room, did some more work and off to bed.  Checked in with L and she had a good night at home, except for backing over Jack bike :-o  and GpaW bought a 4-wheeler that makes him sick :-s