20120526 - A cloud of dust, Firsts, Last, Shy

20120526 - Up early for G's tball ball game. He ran like crazy, passed one of his teammates and slid into home. Not a happier boy could there be!

After the game D&I headed up to the Farm. This time it was D's first mile as he drove, a bit faster and wilder than J did, he stayed on the road and did pretty good judging from the smile on his face ;-)

We got our instructions from GpaW and then headed tot the barn to sort out the bulls to ship out. Dave came over to help and we had them sorted and secured in no time. We got the barn all set up so loading would be a breeze. Dave and I headed to get gas and GmaW, D and Dave's son Jake and his buddy headed out to check the fences. When we all met back ate Farmhouse D had to go take a shower as he got covered with pollen on the fence check trip and his eyes swelled so much he couldn't see :-o I did some work on the pug and then D&I went to TSC to get gates for more barn security. We got the gates set up an then I took the pug out for a round of fence checking and fixing. Back in and reported everything to GpaW.

Then GmaW, D&I headed to Ashland to check on Louise. Louise looks tired and frail, but was speaking up just fine for a nice visit. John and Mary were there and today was the last day of school for Mary she turned her keys in and retired today after many years of teaching in Shelby. CONGRATS!!!

After our visit we headed to Friendly's for dinner and had a waitress that was afraid of vampires (she smelled like garlic) and D&GmaW were repulsed by it. GpaW is doing much better on this visit than the last. We dropped GmaW off and headed home.