20120521 - First Winger Ringer

20120521 - Up and out to take G's picture; today is his LAST day as a pre-school student. He has graduated to kindergarten! He was so excited.

Everyone off to school and I to the desk. Later when G came home he ran in and got me. He had to show me how high he could climb: the 4th knot! So I wen out and with a big of coaching got him all the way to the top and he rang the bell on the playset. He is only the 3rd person to do it, and the ONLY Winger boy to do it!

I checked in with GpaW and he is still very sore and not getting much rest. He has had some problems sliding off the bed and couch, and not being able to use his arms to help himself up been stuck in some positions until help arrives. But he is walking a lot and moving around good. Finished up my day and then dinner and back to D's baseball game. G has been flyin high all day and when he was permitted to be the bat boy the glow from the boy made him shine like the sun. D's team got all pumped up at the beginning of the game, instead of the 3rd inning and took off like a rocket... D had 2 doubles and in one inning the boys batted around the order! They won their first game, 10-2. All back home, cleaned up and to bed. I hot Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.