20120519 - HOME!

20120519 - L up early and downtown to walk with her mom, a survivor, in 'The Race for a Cure' 5k. D got bfast for his brothers and we managed to get to G tball game on time. G had a good game and slid into a bunch of times :-) home and a quick lunch, L home and took J to bday party #1. G played while sprayed the weed around the yard an D back to warm up for his game. L to pick up J and drop him off for bday party #2. Back to D's game and POW he hit that ball to the far left fence for a natural dbl and later scored 1 of their 2 points: not enough to offset the 15 the other team got... He played catcher 4 of the 5 innings and was wiped out.
Home and I got a call from GmaW that GpaW was coming HOME from the hospital, a day early :-o She insisted she did not need help... I finished spraying the weeds and then we loaded up the car and headed to Delaware to pick up J from the party. We went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner with a grumpy (tired) J. We ate and then checked in on GpaW on the way home. He is home resting, still very sore and getting settled in. I hear he had a sign made and posted it at the bottom of the lane 'NO VISITORS PLEASE'. I will let you know when the ban is lifted... Home and watched a movie with the tired boys.