100403 - iPad & Eggs

100403 - Up in the am with the excitment of Christmas: the iPads are coming today...!!! The anticipation and hope that they arrive before the trip to Newcomerstown makes me nervous because L said we are leaving at 12:30, iPad or not, we are leaving...

9:30am and 'ding dong'! UPS guy is here!!! The iPad has arrived, and it is WAY COOL RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!!

D had baseball practice, but I just couldn't go... I HAD TO PLAY WITH IT. I HAD TO GET IT SET UP!!!! L took D to baseball so I could mess with the new toy. I spent the next 1.5 hours getting the iPad set up with L's mail, calendars etc. Afterall it is a birthday present for L ;-). Oh I have no idea where or what J&G were up to for that 1.5 hours :-o

L&D home and we packed up and headed East. Once we got to Newcomerstown we set up a wireless network for GpaB so we could play with our iPad... Then we played outside, hit the local hardware store and colored some eggs.