100409 & 08 - Preparations

100409 - Up early, had a fast day and got my list pretty much done, finished up on the road to the Farm.  We got to the Farm and worked until 7pm to get everything ready for tomorrow.  GpaW went and got some pizzas for dinner and the Loughmans stopped over for a visit.  All boys to bed in good time and GmaW & L stayed up as long as they could, hoping to welcome Jonathon but couldn't make it.  Jonathon arrive late and we chatted for a while, but got to bed in decent time so we would have rest enough for the big day tomorrow.

100408 - WORKED my butt off today...  Then ran to scouts...  Home doing more work in the basement w/ L as we watched 'Food Inc.', it has changed our perception of what we eat... It is a MUST SEE movie!!!