100413 - Globtrotting

100413 - Up and a very busy day right up to walking out to scarf down dinner. I had a surprise for them. I gave them hints as we ate, basketball, whistling 'Sweet Georgia Brown'; what else would it take? They had no clue. We got to Nationwide Arena and and the action started. The Globtrotters put on a show and the boys watched in total amazement. It was a fantastic night and they loved it, we loved it!

100412 - Worked all day then had a sword fight with G.  L&J took off for soccer practice.  DG&I hit the gas station, then realized D's baseball stuff was in the white car with L&J so we had to find them and get his stuff.  DG&I got to D's baseball practice late and D did lots of hitting tonight, G pitched to me until L showed up and she took J&G home.  I stayed at the park and did the first of the 'C25K' (iPhone app that trains you to run 5k in 9 weeks) walk/run sessions... Man am I sore!  D's practice got done early and I found him sitting by the car waiting for me.  Then had a meeting with the Bible-Bangers.