100417 - Cold Camp

100417 - Up in the freezing morning and met Gma&paW at the soccer field. The typhon like winds drove Gma&pa, D&G back to the house while L&I stayed and froze. J did really good at his game despite the cold.

GpaW,D&I went to the store and got some camping supplies. We came home and started packing up. Soon D&I headed out, picked up the Grossl boys and made our way to the campsite.

We soon had things set up and were ready. We shot Ds BB gun and had a pretty horrible dinner. The boys took a hike and I got the chickens ready. When the boys returned we sat around the campfire, told stories, turned the chicken and had a good time. When the chicken was taken off the fire the guys ate it up lickity split, it was delicious! Soon to bed for a VERY COLD NIGHT.