100405 - Back Kickin

100405 - Up and the boys off to school and me back to work with no phones or internet :-o Seems that I hadn't used my Internet in so long I lost my static IP... Plus my not so reliable router and unsecured wireless network, it was time for change. I limped through the day and made it to dinner.
After dinner we rushed to Jack's first soccer game. He did really well and even got a goal (even if it was in his own goal :-o ).

After the game we headed to MicroCenter to pick up a new router and wireless access point. Home, boys cleaned and to bed. Then I started the home network rebuild nightmare! I got everything organized, installed and working by 3am!
This worked out perfect as it was them the perfect time to talk to my partners in the Netherlands on a project we have to deliver tomorrow. So to bed by 4:00 am (yawn)...