100426 + Fort Independence

100426 - Up and had a couple calls this am, all work finished up by 2. Spent some time w/ the boys and G ran to the bank with me. Said goodbye to them and L dropped me at the airport, heading to Boston. On the way in to land our jet was side by side with another jet and I got this picture of it as we passed over Fort Independence.
Got off the plane and met up w/ Cindy & Lee. We got to the rental car place and right next to it was a little league baseball game where the Boston Mets (same name as D's team) were playing (both D&J had games tonight that I would have missed, but were rained out). We got the car and headed for the resturant. We met Evan, Rien & Ivo there for a really good dinner. Then to the hotel, checked in and ready for a couple days of meetings (& hopefully some geocaching).
Location:Waterloo St,Lowell,United States

100425 - Up and everyone to church, G still not going to his own class, has to be with L...  Home and L and Nicole took off to Newcomerstown to Steve's concert and dinner. D&J building stuff (guns and rocket launchers out of misc pieces of pipe w/ the hot glue gun) in shop, G nap.  It was rainy so to get us out of the house we took a trip to Gander Mountain to look at guns.  We got dinner at Culver's, which was good, except for when G dropped his chocolate milkshake on my foot :-(  On the way home we hit a couple of geocaches and found a cool new skate-park we want to try out some day.  When the battery died we gave up on the geocaching and headed over to Joe's to check on Mary and drop off Avatar.  Home got the boys cleaned up and to bed.  I stayed up waiting on L, watching Spartacus & touching up the Winger coat of arms.

100424 + Up and fixing things that have been sitting around waiting for attention...  D&I went to his baseball practice and hung out until they canceled it because of rain.  So D&I ran some errands and had a good time together.  When we got back home DJG&I watched 'Predator', they were a bit scared, but REALLY liked it.  We got some pizza for dinner and it is still raining, so we stayed inside tonight and watched Avatar, what a great movie!  After all boys to bed L&I stayed up and putting historic info in sequence to upload to blog some day...