100428 - X-RAYED

100428 -  Up, morning and over to the office for a meeting with Ivo and Rien.  We then went to the 'All hands meeting' to get an update on how the company is doing.  Then Cindy, Lee, Ivo and I headed out for lunch, where we were able to sample Josh's home brewed beer, very good!  Then on to the airport where I received my first full body x-ray at security :-o  I couldn't get on an earlier flight so I killed a couple of hours doing mail and a presentation.  J had a Dr. appointment today to get evaluated for OCD and ADD (wonder where he gets that???)  L and the boys picked me up at the airport in their jammies.  Got them home and to bed.  L tried to stay up and watch 'The Time Travelers Wife'.  I locked down my facebook account and watched Spartacus until late.

100427 - Up and over to the office for an all day meeting followed by a big dinner.  We tried a couple of geocaches and found one for Ivo.  Back to the room to watch LOST.