100423 - Coat of Arms

100423 - Up worked all day.  L did some mowing and the boys helped me pull the pump out of our well for its yearly inspection.  D went to his friends house to play.
We all got in the car, stopped by to pick up D and headed to Subway for dinner, then to Blockbuster for some entertainment, then to Once Upon a Child so L could seel off some old strollers and stuff.
Back home and Brain stopped by for a beer and to play sword fighting with the boys.  When Brian left the boys and I headed to the basement to do one of our Raising a Modern Day  Knight assignments.  Tonight we designed a family coat of arms.  The boys like surfing the web looking at examples, coloring the blank shields I printed off for them and giving me ideas.  We did this all while watching '7 Faces of Dr. Lao', a 1960's movie that had G hiding behind the couch...  I got the boys to bed and then worked on the coat of arms; below is what we ended up with.

The motto banner on top is in Latin and mean 'Five as one always"
The white shield signifies sincerity and peace.
The Helmet is of the protector design and stands guard over all.
The blue diamonds represent me (M on top of a W, makes 2 diamonds).
  -  the Blue signifies strength and loyalty
The golden chalice w/ oak leaves signifies Lori
  - the chalice is a represent the female
  - gold is for generosity
  - oak leaves represent fertility
The orange cross represents God
  - orange signifies a worthwhile ambition
The green chevron signifies the roof of a house and its protection
  - green is hope and loyalty in love
  In the chevron are my three sons:
    - symbol of the first born = shape label = Dylan, purple for regal
    - symbol for second born = crescent = Jack, gold for generosity
    - symbol for third born = star = Grant, red for warrior
The bull signifies valor and bravery, as well as out roots in the Farm
The bottom banner is our name.