100404 - Hunting

100404 - Up and everyone ready and out to church. The boys and I bailed out a bit early to do some treasure hunting. Our first stop took us to a graveyard where we found our geocache and some cool headstones like this one shaped like a tree.

We met up with the rest of the fam and had a good big lunch before the boys were released to hunt for Easter eggs. They had a good time and got lots of chocolate for me }:-)

Then time for play in the backyard before loading up for the trip home. On the way home we hit a bunch more geocaches and found lots of cool stuff and places.

So our trip home took twice as long as usual... But it was worth it. We made it home and finished up homework, got baths a snack and to bed. A good week of vacation, too fast gone :-( but with great people :-)