100422 - Picnic Lunch

100422 - Up and got a couple calls out of the way. Then L had to take J to Children's Hospital for blood work. It was to be a short visit so I agreed to watch G. G&I played kickball, then baseball, then this and that... Several hours had passed and no sign of L&J... So G&I had lunch on the back porch and then I got a movie going for him so I could get some stuff done.  Aunt Nicole and her crew showed up to help watch G so I could get back to work (Thank you!!!).
L got home and got our boys under control and watched Sam & Lena for a bit. She reported on the hospital visit. Jack's blood is still the same (low white counts) and the hemotologist wants to wait 6 months to see him again. This visit involved a new Dr., a Physcologist... J has gotten into the habit of washing his hand dozens of times a day and his hands and forearms are severly chapped. The psycologist was not surprised and said it is quite common for young children coming into the hemotology labs to get this, because the hear over and over how they can't have any germs or get sick, this makes them want to wash their hands all the time, over and over...
I finished up my day, we had dinner, L mowed the rest of the yard.  G&I fixed some things and pulled the pump out so we could fix it.  D&I to his baseball practice and I got a walk/run in.  Home and got the boys to bed.  Watched a couple movies, to bed.