100407 + Two Ways

100407 - Up and a good day at work. Loaded up the family and 'click'... L left the key on in the car and it was not going to start... Hooked up the charger and we were off about 30 min later :-| first stop was Pakmail to ship a couple iPads to friends overseas. Then to Toys R Us for some 'Caution Children Playing' signs and various othe LEGO products...
A stop at Wendy's and then home to drop off L&D so they could go to baseball practice while JG&I headed to J's soccer practice. After all the practices we met up at home for snacks and bed. Up tonight updating the blog.

100406 + Up too early from the late night. The project we were working on last night works like a charm and the work day was a success! After work DJ&I headed to baseball practice. L&G met us there. Home, cleaned up and boys to bed.