100420 - Fire Practice

100420 - Up and at the desk all day testing. Jack over to a little girlfriends for a play date and them they came back here. They are very much alike and enjoy little Playmobil guys and tiny pieces. They even went to the bathroom together :-o jack said, 'well she had to go too'. No big deal to them... L took dinner to a family and backed over Jack's bike. I had the boys lay in their beds, pressed the fire alarm, had them feel the door and then practice climbing out their windows. L home and We had dinner. J&I then took pieces from his mangled bike and D's old bike and made him a good one. I then fixed the bow staff D&G broke. Then fixed the pitching machine so everyone could take a turn hitting. J took off with Jim buddy to get some ice cream and the rest of is had a snack at home and got ready for bed and LOST.