100421 - New Mower

100421 - Worked all day then out for dinner. After dinner L&J headed to soccer practice. DG&I cleaned out the shed and got the mower out so we could get it running.

After some lessons and sweat we got it running and my new mower was ready to go. D is the new mower! He is doing pretty good and for now, thinks it is cool. We will see how long that lasts...
Well the mower had a gasket missing and soon it was covered with oil and smoking....  I finished the back section of the yard as quickly as possible and the boys played.  L&J home and they joined in the playing.
After I got everyone to bed I tore the mower apart again and started reconstructive surgery.  I found the problem fixed it and put everything back together, hope it starts next time we try to use it...  :-o
My buddy Joe called tonight.  Today his wife underwent breast cancer surgery and it was found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.  So the surgery was much more invasive than originally planned and the recovery time and pain will be much more intense.  Joe said he has learned one thing for sure, "cancer sucks!"  Please keep Mary Dixon in your prayers for a good and speedy recovery.