100228 - Baptism & Trophy

100228 - Everyone up and out to church. We met up there w/ Gma&paB & the Cole's for Lena's baptism. It went very well. We all then went to the Cole's for a good lunch and hanging out.

We had to bail out in a rush to get home and to the all afternoon basketball award ceremony. Jack got a trophy and Dylan won't get one unless they place in his age groups tournament that starts next week.

After the awards DJ&I stopped by the house and picked up L&G and we all went out to eat with the Grossl's. It was a nice relaxing dinnner.
Home and D&I finished cutting out his pinewood derby car and put a really cool snake skin paint job on it. Baths and some play time befor bed. L watched the Olympic closing in bed and I tried to catch up on my movies on the big screen.