100301 - Good News and Jet pack

100301 - Up and back to the desk. We got one bit of really good news today: Jack's bone marrow test is back. Marrow has depressed myeloid cells, points to his auto immune issue, but no Leukemic or cancerous cells!!!!
 I Worked a full day and then out with the boys. Over the weekend I had found a YouTube channel that had a young kid making movie props and cool stuff.  I showed it to D so today was make stuff day. D got a hot glue gun, a couple pringle cans, a cheezit and brown&serve box and made G a jet pack. It was cool and G didn't even want to paint it. He loved his jet pack and wore it all over the place zooming around.
JG&I tapped the maple tree in the back yard today getting ready to make syrup. We called Dulce & Uncle Roger making plans forthe Maple Syrup Day at the Farm in April.
After dinner, D&J made machine guns out of cardboard. They really liked making their own things. I got them off to bed, then out for a short meeting with the Bible Bangers.