100220 - Great Games!

100220 - Up in the am and everyone ready for a day of basketball!  GmaW showed up and away we went.
First was Jack's game and they did really good!  Jack got a basket and him and his buddy made up a couple of plays that helped them move the ball down the floor. 
Then a LOUD trip to Mcd's for lunch, and then home to relax and prepare for the next game.  LJG, GmaW & I played some games, G took a short snooze.   I got some computer work done.  D over to his buddy's house and we met up with him at his game.
 All of us to Dylan's game.  It was looking pretty bad when they were down 14 to 2 at half time.  Then our second half team charged up and came back!! with only seconds to go in the 4th qtr the ball was passed to Dylan, he was standing right under hte basket, frantically looking around to see who he could pass the ball to... I scream 'SHOOT IT!!!!', he looks up, realizes he is right under the basket, tosses it up gently and 2 points!!!!.  The crowd went NUTS!!! how cool is that?!  it went on for 2 overtimes and his team won!!!  VERY EXCITING GAME!
We then dropped GmaW off back at the house and went out to eat with some friends.  Here you can see how excited all this made Grant...