100227 + Basketball Buffett

100427 + Up and out for a full day of basketball. We headed out to Jack's game and met Gma&paB & Gma&paW for a good game. Jack was really hustling and made 3 baskets! Here he is with his buddy Donovan.

After the game everyone came back to our house to hang some planes in Ds room, play some games and get ready for D's game. We all loaded up and headed back to the gym for the game. The Cole's met us there. They were short handed so I did the sats for the teams and it was a good game. Even though they lost.

Then the generations defended on the Hometown Buffet and we ate our fill. After dinner everyone headed home and LDJG&I walked through some stores and them drove through the snow to get home. We watched some olympics and settled down after a busy day.