100223 - Baseball in Feb.

100223 - Up and to a day full of STRESS!! Testing and calls then off to the Tax Advisor for 2009 taxes (YUK), and a stop at the bank on the way home.  Home to give a demo and do more testing. A couple more calls and before I was done it is time to go to baseball practice.

Had a good talk with Jeff during practice and then home for dinner.  GmaB showed up to spend the night to be here for tomorrow and help with the boys.  D&I went to the store to get him a new baseball glove.  His other glove was eaten by Lilly, so the rule is put your things away when you are done playing with them so the dog doesn't get them...  Then to pick up some wood for the Scouts that are coming to our house Thurdays...  I hope I can relax enough to enjoy LOST tonight (might have to fight Lori for the TV vs the Olympics).