100203 - Slides & Caches

100203 - Up in the am, bfast w/ Lee and then we worked on slides for tomorrows presentation all morning. We took a lunch break and went for a walk to see if we could find some caches. First one found fast.

We took a moment to admire the view across the San Francisco Bay, watch the planes land and see the city across the water.

With no time to waste we had to take a very long detour to get to the next cache, a tricky one hanging around. But we found it.

Back to work after the fun and finished up. Tom and I ran the rental car back to the airport and Lee picked us up to take us to dinner.
L calledand she had a good but stressful day getting the Winger team suited up and to the OSU basketball game tonight. She at one point lost all 3 boys when they did not return from making the tunnel for the team... But all boys found and the bucks won so a good time.
Lee, Tom and I went to Kincade's for dinner and each of us had and outstanding meal. We rolled out of the resturant and back to the hotel ready for the big day tomorrow.