100208 - Hoops

100210 - Up and on task all day. Didn't get everything done, but a lot more then I thought I would... The house seemed a bit more relaxed today, compared to yesterday for sure. Maybe because the boys were in school.

Still we had our share of excitement; like when to police officer showed up today because 911 was dialed from our house...??? Grant and Jack were both taking naps when it happened and D had just gotten home from school. So at least the house was not in 'WAR ZONE' mode when the officer was here...

I finished the day and out to have dinner with the boys when I volunteered to take D and his friends to their basketball practice. And obviously completely out of all cognitive consciousness when I offered to take J&G along too.

What was I thinking???

I loaded the boys up and a small hoop and ball for G and we were off to practice. All of us played basketball for the full hour: running and shooting and running and dribbling and shooting. What a good time.

Home for a snack and some quiet time before the 'All boys to bed' signal.
I then picked up Doc and headed to meet with the Bible Bangers. It was good to sit and talk with them. Home for a little reading and to bed.

To answer my own question, 'what was I thinking'; I was thinking, 'I love these boys, no matter how much they fight, no matter how mean they can be to each other at times. They are my boys. I have to teach them, and show them that I love them and want to be with them as much as I possible can.'