100207 - Fighting Sons?

100207 - Up with all the boys and their sleep over friends. We had doughnuts for bfast, then L headed to church. They all played nice with eachother, just not with G... So I became a basketball hoop! You can see the intensity in Grant's face as he comes in for a shot, or is the Igor? (note the sweat bands on the wrists and knees)

The parents showed up and J's friend left. Then D went with his buddy to a baseball workout. This left JG&I at home watching shows, updating the blog from last December.
D got home and the 3 boys started asking: 'when are we eating?', 'can I have a snack?', 'when is mommy coming home?', 'let's do something, I'm bored!'. Holy crap! Is this a resturant? Am I a 24x7 entertainment coordinator?
L home and I'm stressed, the boys are hungry and cranky and TIRED! L got them fed. I got a couple of things done and then we all headed outdoors.
Well it was fun for a bit, then I was taking orders and had to make the ramp higher, find the ski poles, pick me up, push me, pull me... I did the best I could and then they started fighting about who's turn it was to go over the ramp, then yelling and screaming and pushing and pulling and swinging at eachother... Frustrated and not wanting to yell at them I abandon hope and go in to the garage and ask God 'what have I done wrong?', 'why do these boys do this?'. I just don't understand it?!?!?!?!
D sent to his room, J&G in shortly after and I sit on Dylan's bedroom floor ready to loose my mind trying to talk to him and figure out why he gets so mad so fast: at the same time trying to sort all the stressful things now going on in my life and business and work and how it is affecting all of us and how can I turn this all positive? I have been throuh WAY WORSE....
We pack up and head out to try and salvage the evening. We tried to get L to a store where she needed to pick up some stuff for J's upcoming Valentine's day party. While L was in the store I convinced D to climb one of the many snow mountians in the parking lot.

A nice dinner at Steak & Shake and then a quick stop at Meijer to exchange some shoes. Home to catch some of the Super Bowl and the commercials. D fell asleep on the couch and up to bed before the others. JG&I downstairs and played the Wii for a bit. I then got them to bed and hung out with L on the couch. We watched the rest of the Super Bowl and updated our Blogs and tried to figure out how to stay calm and help the boys get along better...

Let's see how tomorrow goes...