100213 + Basketball day

100213 + Up and hanging out, L&D out to get groceries. All back home and ready for J's basketball game. Jack did great, but he is playing defense even when he is on offense??? After the game we went to some friends and checked out their house, man-cave, Blue Ray... Then quick stops @ the library, USPS and Cord Camera. Back home and we watched an old Bogart Army show.
After our break we all suited up and headed out to D's basketball game. D Jada good game too, but like J he is playing defense even when on offense??? After the game we caught a bite to eat with some friends & the kids were a bit LOUD!!! Home and all to bed and catching some of the Olympics.

100212 - Up and L in to school for the boys Valentines day parties with G in tow. Lori to the Dr. In the afternoon.
I finished up my testing, grabbed the fam and we went to the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' movie debeut.
Arby's for dinner and then Home to watch the beginning of the 2010 Olympics.

100211 - Up and testing again... L&J in to the hematologist and his white blood cells are still VERY low (3000s)...
Everyone home and then L went to D's Teacher Conf. All good thing about D!
While L was @ the conference I was in charge dinner so 'every man for himself for dinner'. There were some interesting plates... But everyone was happy and ate everything on their plates!

D&I out then to Scouts. Home and work on a short sale packet for one of our rentals... :-|

100210 - Up and tested all day and all night...

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