100206 + Glasses and More Boys

100206 + Up and the boys out to play in the new snow we got overnight. Columbus airport reported 10 inches. Then Dylan broke his glasses. Not a screw falling out, BUSTED. So D&I got the 4 wheel drive warmed up and plowed our way to the eye dr. I got am eye exam, where I messed with the poor assistant claiming I couldn't see anything she wanted me to read with my right eye.. I eventually said "well I always do have a problem seeing out of my glass eye. :-)". So we both got new glasses today, D got blue ones, and I had all the ladies narrow it down to their 4 favorite pairs and then D took pictures of me with the final four and emailed them to L to get her final vote. D got to wear his new cool blue glasses with magnetic sun glasses home and I will get mine in a couple days.
D&I then hit Meijer and got some windshield wipers, milk.... Then we picked up lunch and headed home.
D had a friend over to play outside. An the other followed them out. Soon jacks friend came over and we have 5 boys forthe night instead of 3. We gotthem fed and now they are playing and running all over the house!