100209 + Haystacks

100209 + Up and snow snow everywhere! The boys were home with a day off from school. I was on the phone ALL day and missed the: sled riding, L shoveling our walk and driveway, L shoveling our neighbors walk, L giving directions to a truckload of Spanish speaking lost people, L shoveling Doc's driveway. What I didn't miss was dinner, playing Blockus and a bit of Wii with J.
We got a Valentine's day care package from GmaW today that had cool place mats, Pez and the ingredients to one of my favorite flavor in the world, along with the original recipe from my Grandma W for Haystacks.
While us boys were playing L attempted to replicate the candies that won the love of taste buds from an early age. Could she possible even come close to the perfection in confection that my Grandma honed over her near century of farm house cooking??? Here G, who didn't finish his dinner, is trying to steal a lick of the heavenly stacks... So could she do it? No! Never! But pretty close. Better make another batch for practice! ;-)